How to Become a Certified Yoga Instructor?

Yoga is self-teaching process where you need to be satisfied more than books

Teaching yoga means you are also practising it at the same time. Like professional doctors, engineers and scientists, you can also choose the profession of yoga instructor, where satisfaction is immense and rewards come in various forms other than monetary. Teaching yoga creates long-lasting relationship bond and unconditional love between teachers and students.

Purity of thought and mind: These are two pre-requisite qualifications to learn the art of yoga. It can’t gain overnight, but need constant check and re-check over thought process under the guidance of perfect yoga master. Here, inner purification matters most then outer one.

Learn Yoga: If yoga is passion in your life and you want to share your knowledge with others, then it is advisable to become certified Yoga Instructor from a reputed yoga school. You need heart and soul to have perfect mastery over yoga art. It is not restricted to certain asanas (postures) for perfect body, but focus to develop overall personality development which can withstand all the vagaries of life.

Don’t be Jack of all trades, but master of none. There are various types of yoga like Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha and Bitham. Pick up one or two, that suits you the best and involve your heart and soul in learning from qualified yoga instructor.

Growing popularity of Yoga: Yoga has become important in everyday sedentary life where negative energies are surpassing the positive energy, and people are helpless. Modern technology and gadgets has marred the physical and mental health of users, and the growing popularity of Yoga ensures that the demand of yoga instructors is going to rise in coming years.

Search for Good Yoga Instructor: An efficient yoga guru help students learn poses and use the correct posture. He will also guide you to take right yogic diet and correct way of meditation.
It is better to see that the yoga retreat courses are capable to prepare best yoga master who can fill the vacuum in society. Yoga instructor impart practical and theoretical training of asana (pose) keeping in mind the strength and weakness of every yoga student under yoga teacher instruction. A yoga instructor should prepare and guide students in yoga art like a gardener looks after the plant sampling in the garden.

Teacher Training Courses: Better to get certification from yoga schools/centres certified by Yoga Alliance that provides minimum 200 hours of yoga training. Besides, also learn mechanism of yoga practices like anatomy and physiology of yogic practices. Teaching yoga is a continuous process where you learn and gain with every passing day.

Teaching Assignment: Nowadays, yoga classes are craze among young generation as group classes, workshops, studios and fitness centres are emerging in every nook and corner of metro cities and towns too.

Develop a good network and show your enthusiasm by visiting at various centres of yoga classes. Most of ths schools and colleges are also conducting yoga classes at regular intervals.

Good Communication Skill: A good communication skill with rich baritone voice can add charm in your personality and make you a favourite yoga instructor. A crystal understand

You can join Yoga Teacher Training Courses as well as Meditation Courses at Spirit Yoga Foundation located in Rishikesh, India.


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